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Baking club FAQs

  • When & Where is Baking Club?
    This term we’re running one class on a Tuesday from 3.30-5pm. They are happening at the Creative Campus, Historic Village on 17th Ave. It’s most likely we’ll launch other classes at other times but this is it at this stage. I understand that it’s not always easy to get to town at 3.30 so it’s possible we’ll look at locations elsewhere- if you have a venue that you feel would be suitable for Baking Club. Please get in touch.
  • What does it cost? What's included?
    Baking Club runs only during the school term. This year, we are trialing doing 2 block courses of 4 weeks, rather than a whole term block of 8 weeks. You can choose to enrol for both blocks though and receive a discount for doing so. The price is $140 for a 4 week block or $240 a term for 8 weeks. It is a small group with a maximum of 8 students and therefore the price reflects this as your child will get a fair amount of 1 on 1 attention. A music lessons or after school tutoring will cost around $30 a lesson and usually it’s only for half an hour whereas Baking Club is an hour and a half and it’s much more awesome!! This includes everything that your child will need to create something amazing each week. There are no other hidden costs such as uniform or sports gear that you might expect to pay for other after school activities! Payment is made in advance for the whole block. See payment options FAQ below.
  • Who is Baking Club for?
    Baking club is for students in Years 4-8 who have an interest in baking or cake decorating. They don't need to have any experience, it's for all abilities. It's also for the parents who want to encourage their children to learn these skills but don't want a messy kitchen! For safety reasons, at this stage only students in Years 4-8 are able to come to Baking Club, but in the future we will relook at this again and may extend to younger or older students.
  • What will students do/learn at Baking Club? Do they get to take something home each week?
    You will be amazed at what the students will learn and make in a reasonably short period of time. We'll do both sweet and savoury baking that teaches a specific skill set, as well as using fondant, buttercream and chocolate decorations to make our creations beautiful. We will also learn about using kitchen equipment safely, and the importance of cleaning up! Each week we’ll create something to take home, but also might make a part of a larger creation (eg fondant decorations for an upcoming lesson). We'll read a recipe and practice measuring accurately using cup measurements and scales.
  • How do the terms work? Can I join at anytime?
    Baking Club runs for 8 weeks of each term organised into two 4 week blocks. Each block is different so you can join one or both and not worry about repeating any recipes. As well as this, each Term will be different, and you do not have to have completed Term 1 to join for Term 2 etc. Sorry, bookings for each block are only open for a limited time. They will generally close 2 weeks before each block. There is a lot of preparation for each class and a lot of thought goes into creating a programme for a specific group of students.
  • How do I book? What are the payment options?
    Easy! Head to the Bookings page, put through payment and then fill out the booking form that is sent to you. I will only book one term in advance at a time so keep an eye out for an email when bookings go live! VIP list members will find out at least 24 hours before the general public. Click here to sign up. Payment for Baking Club is made for the whole block in advance. We have paypal and credit card options available as well as Afterpay so you can pay off in 4 payments instead of all at once.
  • Who is the teacher?
    Hi, I'm Heather, the sole owner/operator of Bake With Me. I'm a fully registered Primary School Teacher with passion and experience of baking all things delicious and beautiful. I have a lot of experience teaching children of all ages both in Australia and New Zealand and a current first aid certificate and police check. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions and check out the about me page for more info on me and my family. At times, I do call upon fellow baker friends to help with workshops, especially during the school holidays and for bigger Baking Club projects.
  • Can students with allergies do Baking Club?
    As much as I would love to, I am unable to make Baking Club gluten free, dairy free or egg free. Please contact Heather at before booking to discuss any other allergies.
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